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    Saturday, April 13, 2013

    Please download the PDF here to get a more accurate chords. It's free! ^^

    *| Dm --- | Am --- | A# --- | F --- |

    A#m                              F
    Listen now the autumn blows
    A#m                            Gm
    as I try to warm your toes
    The radiator
      Gm                  A#         C           F
    is covered with all your clothes

    A#m                                F
         The fire burning in your eyes
         A#m                                Gm
         in colours that I can’t describe
    Makes it easy
    Gm               A#         C
    Clarifies what you imply

    Turn off the TV
    Bring down the lights
    C         F                      C/E
    Play me the sound of silence tonight
    Dm                         Gm
         My love for you is larger than life
                  C                   F
    And heaven is my alibi

              A#m                           F
    When sometime in a billion years
      A#m                                Gm
         a thousand worlds have disappeared
    The new born stars will
      Gm                         A#         C
    remember how you made me feel

    | Dm --- | Am --- | A# --- | F --- | Gm --- | Dm --- | A --- | ---- |

    C                Gm                    C
    Turn us to dust between the stars
                       A#  C
    We’ll never be apart

    Please download the PDF file here to get a more accurate chords. It's free! ^^
    Chords by: Kevnath

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