• Ameba Pico Cheat: How to Increase Your Head Size

    Friday, December 02, 2011

    1. Cheat Engine _download
    2. Browser

    1. Go to Pico
    2. Open the Cheat Engine
    3. Open "Select a process to open", then choose your active browser.
    4. Change the Value Type into Text.
    5. Input the code on the box: minimum_secret@
    6. Click First Scan
    7. You will find a address. Double click on it.
    8. Change the value to:
    bigface_secret@ to increase your head or;
    maximum_secret@ to maximize your size.
    9. Play your Pico.
    10. Say /min
    11. See what happens.

    Happy Cheating!!!

    Watch the video below:

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