• Empires & Allies: How to Reload Energy Quickly

    Saturday, December 03, 2011

    This is cheat is made by Kev_nath (myself).
    This cheat is rather difficult and don't too fast!
    Better if you use this cheat when your energy is very low.

    1. Cheat Engine _ download
    2. Browser

    1. Open the Empires and Allies.
    2. Then, open Cheat Engine.

    3. Select a process. Then, tick on the "Enable Speedhack" box.
    (Mozilla : plugin-container.exe; Safari: WebKit2WebProcess.exe)
    4. Set up the speed on 20,0.

    5. Click Apply.
    6. See, the energy increases quickly..but DON'T PLAY IT!
    7. After that, change the speed on 1,0.
    8. Don't too fast when collecting money or else.
    If you're too fast, it has to be refreshed.
    9. Enjoy the cheat!!!

    This cheat can affect:
    1. Energy is empty when you refresh it.
    2. Very low energy when you get refreshed.

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