• Ameba Pico Cheat: How to Get Big or Little

    Thursday, December 01, 2011
    This cheat is no-permanent, but it will turn your character into a Giant.

    1. Cheat Engine _download
    2. Browser

    1. Go to Pico
    2. Open the Cheat Engine
    3. Open "Select a process to open", then choose your active browser.
    4. Change the Value Type into Text.
    5. Input "currentNode" on the box.
    6. Click First Scan.
    7. You will find 2 addresses.
    8. Right-click and "browse this memory region" on each address.
    9. Find the currentNode.stand

    10. Change "stan" with "hulk" or "mini", and change "d" into "." (without quotation mark).
    11. Change the value 2E into 00.
    12. Play the game.
    13. Type /stand..
    14. And see what happens. Just type again to increase or decrease it.

    Watch the video:

    Happy Cheating!!!

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