• Cheat Damage on Ninja Saga with Cheat Engine

    Friday, September 23, 2011
    Cheat Engine --> Click here to download
    The Code --> Click here to download

    1. Open Ninja Saga Dashboard.
    2. Open Cheat Engine
    3. Click on "Select process on to open".
    4. Select a browser that you're using
    (for Firefox, click on plugincontainer.exe).
    (for Safari, click on WebKit2WebProcess.exe).
    5. Change "4 bytes" to "Array of Bytes"
    6. Tick the "Hex" dialog box
    7. Copy the first code.
    8. Put the code
    9. Click on "First Scan".
    10. You will find a address. Double-click on it.
    11. Replace the value with the second one.
    12. Play your character.
    13. Attack your enemy with any ninjutsu to defeat it.
    Don't use taijutsu, genjutsu, and talent because it won't work.
    Like this:
    WARNING: If your character is banned, it's YOUR own responbility.

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