• Ninja Saga Special Jounin Campaign (English)

    Monday, September 19, 2011
    The campaign for level-60 has been started! You can be a Tensai Special Jounin rank if you can complete all mission within 14 days. Then, I'll give trick & tips to you.

    Hard Mode
    PART 1
    Stage 1-1 (The Force of Yami)
    In this part, you have to search the weapons in the list. This level have 7 stage to be completed.

    Stage 1-2 (Unpredicted Attack)
    Your mission are deliver the weapons, but Genan and his puppet blocked you.
    Before you fight Genan, you have to fight 2 undead puppets (wind and earth element). I suggest you to beat the earth element, because the stun technique will stun your character in 2 turns. After you defeat all of undead puppet, you have to fight Genan and his puppet. Puppet Shin and Puppet Ryu have two techniques only. The one has damage 200-300 and the one make damage 800. But, Genan has special techniques, such as: Serene Mind, Stun, Restriction, and Bleeding 100%.
    Tips: If Genan inflict the Serene Mind, sleep him quickly with Kinjutsu: Feather Illusion, and your team mates will not attack him, or break it with the Kinjutsu: Falling Leaf Illusion or with Disperse effect (from Acupunture: Meridians Destruction).

    PART 2
    Stage 2-1 (Front Line Battle)
    In this mission, you have to pass the obstacles by clicking mouse as requested.

    Stage 2-2 (Defense! Defense!)
    This part is harder than before, because you have to fight Akazosu, who has Fire Wall, Bleeding 400%,  and Burn Techniques. Use the Surprise Attack Jutsu for Akazosu after the Wall faded(if your agility is lower than him). And if you want defeat him quickly, use the debuff effects (like burn, poison, etc)
    Tips: When Akazosu in Fire Wall Mode, your HP character or your pet will be burnt 35% if you attack him.

    PART 3
    Stage 3-1 (Sensor Division)
    In this stage, you have to remember the jutsu moves and choose a correct answer.

    Stage 3-2 (Call for Backup)
    In this level, you have to fight Butterfly Sage. Be careful with her agility. Then, she can heal herself 2000 HP, and she can inflict Bleeding 400% to your character.  I think you must bring more HP scroll. Use the Sensor Division Jutsu when you are inflicted stun by her.

    PART 4
    Stage 4-1 (Secret Training)
    Your mission in this stage is throw kunai to the right dummies. Don't shoot the bomb dummies, because it will decrease your heart. And then shoot all the dummies, if you miss, it will decrease your heart. Shoot the dummies with heart to get more heart.

    Stage 4-2 (Swords vs Ninjutsu)
    This part is easy, because the enemy's special techniques are inflict Internal Injury, Restriction, Blind, and Strengthen.

    PART 5
    Stage 5-1 (Medical Division)
    In this stage, your mission is recover the injured soldiers. Just click the requested medicines.

    Stage 5-2 (Time to Flight Back)

    Battle Panda is easy to be defeated, but be careful of his technique: Break Through Level 2, because it make more damages to you.

    PART 6
    Stage 6-1 (The Released Beast)
    We have to fight the monster that it was released by Vadar. Maybe this part is a little hard, because it has the techniques that inflict Dismantle, Internal Injury, and Weaken effect. And then, it has Protection Technique that reduces damages for 20 turns.

    Stage 6-2 (Kage vs Kage)
    After you fight all of the Force of Yami, then you have to fight the master, Vadar. In this mission, you must protect Kage from Vadar's attack. He dealing a big damage, and I suggest you to use the debuff effect and stun him.

    Stage 6-3 (Beyond Kage's Power)
    It's the final mission of the campaign, and it is the hardest mission of all. Vadar becomes more powerful than before, and he has a faster agility, a big chances to inflict purify, and he can make critical attack. Don't let him to move anyways.

    Reward for Tensai Special Jounin Rank:
    1. Kinjutsu: Five Elements Consuming Seal
    2. Special Jounin Suit
    3. Tensai rank.

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